Collection: Willie Strydom

Willie Strydom: Brushstrokes of a Lifelong Passion

From the earliest days of his childhood, Willie Strydom's heart danced to the rhythm of art and painting. In the hallowed halls of primary school, he wielded pencils and brushes to capture the scenes of his daily life with an astonishing skill that belied his years. His talent was so pronounced that it led him down the path of art, guiding him through the halls of high school where he continued to nurture his artistic journey.

Willie's very first oil painting, a portrait of a dog at rest upon a sofa, now occupies a special place in his mother's bedroom—a cherished masterpiece in her eyes. After high school, with a major in art, he embarked on further studies in the discipline at Pretoria Tech, delving into the realms of graphic design and Fine Arts.

Life's journey took him through a stint of national service and into the role of a drawing officer at an engineering firm. Yet, the pull of art never waned. Landscape paintings emerged, testament to his enduring love for the craft.

Later, Willie ventured to the serene South Coast of Natal, South Africa, where he embarked on a business journey alongside his brother. But the call of the canvas was insistent. Fifteen years down the road, Willie made a profound decision—to devote himself entirely to the art that had always been his true north.

In the embrace of full-time artistry, Willie discovered a newfound peace and an unshackled sense of freedom to paint from the depths of his creative soul. His journey is a testament to the enduring power of passion, and his canvas bears the legacy of a lifelong love affair with art.