Collection: Gaynor

Gaynor: Illuminating the Cape and Beyond

Born in 1947, Gaynor is an accomplished impressionist who predominantly wields oils as her artistic medium. While she may not call the Western Cape home, her oeuvre brilliantly encapsulates the region's rich history, effervescent culture, and picturesque landscapes. Her repertoire includes iconic Cape harbor scenes, evocative District 6 reminiscences, and the vibrant kaleidoscope of Bo Kaap.

However, Gaynor's artistic canvas extends far beyond geographic boundaries. She seamlessly transports viewers to the Mediterranean, infusing her European-themed creations with the enchantment of bustling cafés. Her art, characterized by its charming naivety, speaks a universal language, appealing to a diverse global audience.

With each brushstroke, Gaynor doesn't just depict scenes; she encapsulates emotions and distills the very essence of the places she holds dear. Her art invites a transcendent journey across continents, serving as a testament to the timeless allure of beauty that knows no limitations.