Collection: Harry Erasmus

Harry Erasmus: Painting the Whimsy of Life

Harry Erasmus stands as one of South Africa's most delightfully idiosyncratic artists, known for his unparalleled talent in translating a whimsical imagination onto canvas. Born in Pretoria in 1961, Harry's love affair with art ignited at an early age, a passion that would become his life's defining narrative.

In the crucible of adversity, Harry's art became a beacon of light. Despite early hardships, he chose to infuse his creations with the radiant world of his childhood imagination, steering clear of darker themes.

Lacking formal training, Harry proudly carved his own artistic path, a journey that guides viewers into a realm of untamed whimsy. His works, described as "gesels-kuns" in Afrikaans, invite conversations with the soul.

From 2016 to 2018, Harry found solace in his studio nestled within The Winelands Art Gallery. We are honored to showcase his enchanting masterpieces, each brushstroke a testament to his unique gift for evoking joy and fostering dialogue through art.