Collection: Driekie

Driekie: A Life Unveiled Through Creation

"I can't remember a time in my life when I wasn't making, doing, exploring..." These words echo the essence of Driekie's journey, a path illuminated by the spark of creation.

In her narrative, Driekie's father emerges as a luminous figure, a master craftsman who fashioned guitars when South Africa imported none. His workshop, a realm of transformation, captivated young Driekie, who played with wood shavings as he meticulously shaped each instrument. "Being this close to creation," she reflects, "fueled my own desire to create."

As life ushered her from a small town to the bustling city, Driekie's horizons expanded, igniting a fervent quest for self-expression. "There was so much more to discover," she notes, "so much more I could be."

Yet, it was a profound life event that unveiled her true purpose as an artist, a destiny awaiting fulfillment. "I find inspiration," she shares, "from so many different sources every day." Conversations, fleeting details, dreams, surroundings, and the harmonies of music converge to shape her artistry.

For Driekie, the creative process is an immersive journey. It demands resilience, for the artist rides a tumultuous wave, experiencing both the zeniths and nadirs of existence. She embraces the paradox: that creation can be multilayered, and change is an integral facet of the artist's covenant.

In the tapestry of Driekie's life, each stroke, each note, each experience, converges into a vivid canvas, an ever-evolving narrative of exploration and self-discovery.