Collection: Rozanne Henning

Rozanne Henning: From Canvas to Culinary and Back Again

Rozanne's voyage into the realm of art was a homecoming to a world steeped in creativity, where pottery wheels spun and paint splattered early impressions on the canvas of her life. Armed with an education from the University of Pretoria, she embarked on a multifaceted journey, adding a dash of culinary flair to her artistic pursuits. In the enchanting setting of Stellenbosch, she honed her skills, emerging as a certified chef, before donning the cherished roles of a loving wife and mother to two daughters.

Yet, nature's timeless elegance beckoned. Rozanne's portraits, brought to life with acrylic and oil on canvas, stand as living testaments to her enduring love affair with the natural world. Her art captures the essence of nature's beauty and its vibrant tapestry of colors, inviting us to behold the world through her eyes—a world where creativity knows no bounds.