Collection: Nicolaas Roos

Nicolaas Roos: A Harmonious Fusion of Mind and Canvas

Nicolaas Roos, an abstract expressionist, weaves a tapestry of inspiration drawn from Eastern philosophy, introspection, and diverse artistic experimentation. His paintings, described as lyrical, atmospheric, and ethereal yet serene, reflect a lifelong immersion in classical music and a profound connection to the sea as a passionate scuba diver.

Choosing large brushes over detailed realism, Roos explores the textured realms of paint, capturing a strong melancholic undertone in his work. His academic background in theology, philosophy, and clinical psychology, combined with a deep interest in sciences and history, forms the intellectual foundation of his creations.

Living mindfully, Roos infuses his daily routines with a non-judgmental awareness, allowing his paintings to speak eloquently without the need for excessive explanation. Each canvas, a harmonious blend of inner contemplation and artistic expression, invites viewers to revel in the beauty of the present moment.