Collection: Niki McQueen


Niki McQueen: The Art of Surreal Realities

Niki McQueen, a visual artist and communications and graphic design specialist from Cape Town, blends her background in Marine Biology with a unique artistic vision. Amid the Covid pandemic, Niki developed a distinctive technique, crafting richly colored, surreal artworks from digital composites. These pieces are meticulously hand-printed and hand-drawn onto heavy archival papers, then washed, painted, and finished through a perfected 10-step process.

Inspired by vintage medical and scientific illustrations, surrealism, street art, and magical realism, Niki’s work delves into personal symbolism and fantastical realms. Her themes encompass anatomy, biology, psychology, mythology, innocence, joy, and the cycle of decay and rebirth. Each piece invites viewers to find their own interpretations.

With over 600 artworks, Niki's portfolio is divided into two parts: her surreal and symbolic fine art under "Niki McQueen Art," and the playful, childlike expressions of "Life Beyond Reason." Through her art, Niki channels psychological and emotional experiences, creating works that evoke both introspection and joy.