Collection: Anton Gericke

Anton Gericke: The Symphony of Creation in Art

Born in the vibrant tapestry of Johannesburg in 1947, Anton Gericke's artistic odyssey began at the tender age of eight, when he first wielded the magic of oil paints. His journey led him through the hallowed halls of Pearson, Port Elizabeth, and into the realm of Pharmacy, where he pursued his studies at Pretoria University and Potchefstroom.

Beyond his academic pursuits, Anton instilled in his daughters, Murentia Moffat and Carla Bosch, a profound appreciation for the divine beauty that graces God's creation. For four decades, Anton has been a pillar of "Community Pharmacy Services" in Pretoria City Center, serving with dedication at "Debruynpark Pharma Friend." His talents are not confined to pharmaceuticals alone; he is also a gifted saxophonist, lending his melodies to the songs of his local church.

Now, in the fullness of time, Anton Gericke embarks on a new chapter as a full-time artist. With each brushstroke, he seeks to capture the expression of God's boundless creation. In his own words, "Art gives expression to the beauty of God's creation!" With Anton, the canvas becomes a symphony, a testament to the enduring beauty that surrounds us all.