Collection: Corne Weideman

Corne Weideman: Capturing Life's Essence on Canvas

Born in the picturesque landscape of Rustenburg and later matriculating in the Western Cape's Robertson, Corne Weideman's artistic journey is a testament to the transformative power of mentorship and the pursuit of the profound. In 2010, he relocated to Cape Town, setting the stage for a remarkable artistic odyssey that followed the passing of his mentor, Adriaan Boshoff.

Under the wise tutelage of "Oom" Arrie, Corne's artistic roots were nurtured for three transformative months before embarking on a journey to Ireland, a sojourn that bore the blessings of Boshoff himself. Upon his return, Corne found a year-long haven with the "Old Master" and was initiated into the "Life of a true artist."

Reflecting on this providential path, Corne notes, "I never comprehended the effect, Boshoff's invitation to teach me would have on my life." He finds solace in the belief that art found him, guided by a higher hand.

Adriaan Boshoff, the guiding star of Corne's artistic voyage, left an indelible mark not only through technique but through the wisdom of life itself. "Oom Adriaan taught me how to be an artist," Corne reflects. "It's more than just the ability to paint. It's the way you perceive life and value every small moment, then capture those moments that people love."

Since 2005, Corne has been weaving his artistic tapestry, capturing the essence of life and the nuances of human existence. His remarkable growth has resonated with collectors worldwide, with his works finding homes in England, New Zealand, Australia, and beyond.

In the wake of Boshoff's passing in 2007, Corne embarked on a quest to explore the works of the old masters, discovering wisdom in the details of their artistry. The legacy of these masters, magnified through the lens of a magnifying glass, has become an integral part of Corne's artistic pursuit.

With unwavering dedication and a deep reverence for the craft, Corne Weideman continues his journey towards artistic perfection. In the footsteps of those who inspired him, he seeks not just to paint but to capture life's profound moments on canvas, preserving them for generations to come.