Collection: Frances Wedepohl

Frances Wedepohl: Capturing the Soul of South Africa Through Art

Frances Wedepohl's artistic journey began in the heart of Johannesburg, where her love for art and creativity bloomed from a young age. She had a penchant for bright colors, shapes, and textures, and her youthful enthusiasm found expression on every canvas of her world.

A transformative encounter with the work of JH Pierneef left an enduring imprint on her creative spirit. "I'd like to think his work has strongly influenced mine," Frances reflects, "I feel a deep connection to his play of light, lines, balance, and serenity."

When she paints, the world falls into a hushed reverence, accompanied only by the melodies of her beloved 70s music collection. Frances draws inspiration from her journeys, both real and imagined, preserving landscapes in her art to etch them into her heart. The South African landscape, with its sun-drenched soil, heat, and expansive sky, remains her eternal muse.

With a diverse background in architectural draughting and a preference for a creamy palette of oil paints, Frances intricately weaves details and wields precise brushwork. Her palette may be limited, but it yields a rich spectrum of hues, a secret handed down by Louis Audie, another of South Africa's artistic luminaries.

Frances's art has graced the pages of The Art Times magazine and adorned galleries worldwide. Her works have found homes across continents, from South Africa to Australia, Saudi Arabia to Sweden, testifying to the universal appeal of her craft.

As she reflects on her journey, Frances expresses gratitude for the support of family, friends, and cherished clients who have walked alongside her. In the timeless words of William Shakespeare, she finds her guiding principle: "To thine own self be true." Frances Wedepohl's artistic truth shines through her canvases, capturing the essence of South Africa with every stroke.