Collection: Thomas Kohler

Thomas Kohler: Navigating Life and Sea on Canvases

Born in Cape Town in 1964, Thomas Kohler's artistic journey is intertwined with a rich maritime heritage. Educated in Cologne as a Graphic Designer, he returned to South Africa in 1988, after which a significant shift led him from the hustle of advertising to the serenity of painting.

Generations of seafaring roots fueled Kohler's artistic inspiration. From his great-grandfather's shipbuilding legacy to his father's maritime adventures, the artist's connection with the sea is profound. Living on the West Coast of South Africa, the Atlantic Ocean became both his muse and "artistic challenge." Capturing its ever-changing moods, light, and weather, Kohler blends realism with emotion to convey the essence of this vast subject.

People, their interactions, moods, and feelings also find expression in Kohler's brushstrokes. As a "Traditionalist with a quirky edge," he navigates the realms of art, focusing on intimate moments and cherished memories, creating a private yet profound visual narrative.