Willie Strydom

Willie Strydom loved art and painting from an early age. At primary school he would draw, sketch and paint many different scenes from his daily life. He was so good that he continued his artistic journey by studying art in high school. His first oil painting was of a dog resting on a sofa and this still hangs in his mother’s bedroom. Her most prized artwork.

After finishing high school with a major in art, Willie Strydom went on to study art at Pretoria Tech, where he studied graphic design and Fine Arts. He then completed his national service before beginning a career as a drawing officer at an engineering firm. During this period, Willie still painted the odd landscape painting. Willie later moved to the South Coast of Natal, South Africa where he started a business with his brother. Fifteen years later, Willie finally decided to concentrate on his art and started painting original art full time. After this decision, he has become more at peace within himself and loves the freedom of being able to paint what he wants.

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