Jason Jaffray

Jason’s love for art began when he was 5 years old looking through his dads collection of art encyclopedias of the works by Albert Diirer, Leonardo Da Vinci and Micheal Angelo. Jason did his first pencil studies of these works at the age of 7. At 8 years old he won the inter-schools drawing competition arranged by the “Save the Rhino” campaign. From 13-15 Jason studied art as a subject. After high school he pursued a career in fine arts working as a street artist doing pencil portraits as he was not in a financial position to pursue his art at university level.

Jason first became interested in oil and acrylic painting after seeing the work of Paul Munro in a Johannesburg art gallery and was fortunate to meet him in person at his studio in Port Elizabeth, where he showed Jason the basics of how to layout a landscape painting. His first formal training in oils was after a trip to East London where he met accomplished artist and teacher Andre Grobler and discussed with him the processes and purchased some of his dvd tutorials.

In Jason’s pursuit of self discovery he was fortunate to have access to the original works of David Shepherd, where he could experience first hand what happens when an artist has come to maturity in creating a 3 dimensional image, on a 2 dimensional plain.

A word from the artist….
There is a place where time and space as we know it does not exist. The vehicle is a gift called creative passion, Every medium is an opportunity to escape, explore and live in a moment that can never be relived, but visited and re-experienced through the eyes of those who see.
My life will not be recorded in days or years but in sculptures and paintings, ART gives me the privilege to choose to be who God created me to be.

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