Frances Wedepohl

Frances Wedepohl is a South African artist. She grew up in Johannesburg, loving art and creativity from a young age. Frances drew on everything and loved bright colors, shapes and textures.

“I married my soulmate Andre in 1985. We have 3 beautiful adult children and currently live in Roodepoort, South Africa.”

After seeing the work of JH Pierneef for the first time, Frances admired him ever since. “I like to think his work has strongly influenced mine. I feel an affinity to his light, lines, balance and serenity.”

“When I paint the whole world goes quiet. That is, apart from my 70s music collection. The experience is intense, serene and cathartic and many times so happy.
I am inspired by the places I have seen and enjoyed, as well as those that I would love to experience – all of these I paint to keep them in my heart. The South African landscape is home to me…the African sun, soil, heat and sky.”

Frances has worked in Philadelphia, USA and in South Africa making celebration cakes. “I enjoy drawing, mosaic, collage, decorating cakes and pottery, but I’m really at home with a creamy palette of oil paints.” 

She also has a background in architectural draughting, which has influenced her style (Pierneef was also a draughter).

“I love precise brushwork and intricate details, with a strong focus on line, color and shape. I mostly work with a limited palette in oils, loving the colors that can be created – so many from so few.” Louis Audie, another one of South Africa’s great artists, introduced her to this palette.

Frances would describe herself as a landscape painter, although she also enjoys figures, portraits and street scenes.

She has been featured in The Art Times magazine and has exhibited in various venues locally and internationally.

Collectors from South Africa, Australia, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, the Netherlands, Japan, the USA and the UK have invested in Frances’s artworks.

“It has been such a wonderful, happy, challenging journey for me and I feel so blessed to be an artist. I have special family and friends who have walked the road with me and are always so encouraging. Thank you to them and also to my beautiful clients. You are all so treasured. A special thanks to Revann Bos for showing me the way – Thanks you!”

Favorite quote “To thine own self be true.” – William Shakespeare.

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