Emile Cronje

Emile Cronje was born in 1967.

Emile is an expressionist by nature and inherited his artistic flair and qualities from his father, Gawie Cronje, well known impressionistic artist.

Emile realized his calling as an artist at the tender age of ten, when his own unique styled paintings captured the imagination of viewers. Emile works in warm colors. For him the world is a bright, cheerful place; very much the way in which he spends his life.

Influenced by the legendary Gregoire Boonzaier, Emile combines at least three different styles and entities of the “old masters” in his works. He attributes his success to his intense study of scenes and objects before capturing his impressions on canvas or panel.

Emile’s works have been distributed throughout South Africa for over twenty years. He was invited to exhibit at the South African House of Art in London in 2004; a great tribute to his talent and success as an artist. His paintings communicate in a universal understandable language to its viewers, making him a popular artist.

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