Corne Weideman

Corne Weideman was born in Rustenburg and matriculated in Robertson in the Western Cape. Corne moved to Cape Town  in 2010, a few years after his mentors death. Corne studied under Adriaan Boshoff for 3 months, before Boshoff advised him to do a 3 months trip to Ireland. After returning to South Africa, Corne stayed with “Old Master,” Adriaan Boshoff for a year. Corne was taught the “Life of a true artist”.
“I never comprehended the effect, Boshoff’s invitation to teach me would have on my life. I am forever grateful for the opportunities he gave me and all the valuable hours he invested in my life personally and within my skill. In a way, art found me, rather than me looking for it. I believe someone bigger brought me to Uncle Arrie.
Corne’s work has already reached investment status, despite his relatively young age.”The talent or gift to create is not for self gain, but to give back to the people around me”
Adriaan Boshoff was Corne Weideman’s mentor and his inspiration. “In the hours we spent talking at his kitchen table, the discussions always centered on more than mere lines, light and technique. We also discussed life and the deeper things of life”
“Uncle Adriaan taught me how to be an artist. It’s more than just the ability to paint. It’s the way you perceive life and value every small moment, then capturing those moments that people love.”
“No other artist has inspired me to the extent that Adriaan Boshoff has. Like his life, my life is dedicated to the journey for perfection in my work.” Corne has been creating since 2005 and the growth in his work, in a short space of time has been noticed by investors and art lovers alike. Corne’s works have already reached England, New Zealand, Australia and other parts of the world. At the age of 44, Corne still has many creative years ahead and hopefully someday, he will exceed Old South African masters, as Boshoff believed he would.
Since  Adriaan Boshoff’s death in 2007, Corne studied old masters that Adriaan Boshoff studied and admired. “Uncle Adriaan told me he would sit with a magnifying glass and study their works. A good habit I picked up from the start. I am so grateful to Uncle Adriaan for sharing these nuggets of gold with me.”
Some of the masters of old, that were carefully studied by Corne are the following:  Nicolai Fenchin, William Marshall Brown, Willem Maris, Beppe Ciardi, Hans Fredrik Gude, ,Therese Marthe, Cotard Dupre, Hans Dahl, Vincenzi Caprile, Thomas Eakins, Henry Scott Tuke, Thomas Eakins, and especially Laura Knight’s work.
Keep a watchful eye on this young artist. His works may well hang with the masters.

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