Candice Ruben

Candice Ruben, born in 1983, is the daughter of well known South African artist Dante Ruben.

Candice has been painting since 2003 intermittently, managing a online business and she is a full time mom to her son Max and daughter Gia.

“Art has always been a love of mine but I only decided after a few years in I.T that that was not what I wanted to do, discovering my art skill and the ongoing process is now my passion. ”

Candice has no formal art training and being born with a creative gene, inherited from her mom, Dante Ruben and her grandfather Don Benzien, art seems to be in the blood.

“I’m new on the art scene and urge you to watch this space. I intend to keep you captivated with every creation and hope to have you love each piece that I create. This is my commitment and intention.”

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